Alexa Garfunkel believes that trust, integrity and insight are strengths in life and she uses them. She employs perspectives to find the best solutions in any situation. She approaches challenges with a contagious can-do attitude and is an enthusiastic problem solver.

Alexa is determined, analytical, and creative. Coupled with her background in interior design and the visual arts, she is gifted in seeing opportunities rather than obstacles in matching clients with property options. _“Bring me a problem and we can find many ways to solve it. After all, the world is an endless ocean of possibilities!”_ This positive approach and out-of-the-box thinking make her an indispensably resourceful and intuitive ally, one who skillfully helps her clients visualize the beauty and potential of residential properties.

In her life, Alexa has been fortunate to be surrounded by a myriad of cultures and languages, so she appreciates different perspectives and knows no stranger. Her bilingual skills and understanding of other languages, has helped to open doors, she says. Travel has always been one of her favorite leisure activities and she has friends worldwide. Those who meet Alexa for the first time are instantly taken by her personal warmth, engaging personality, and bubbly enthusiasm. They soon become ardent fans of her passionate drive and ability to navigate complex situations to attain creative solutions. Her personal commitment to excellence, diplomacy, and serving others with integrity are cornerstone attributes of her nature. She loves nothing more than making personal connections and helping others achieve happy outcomes.

She believes that, “Finding the perfect home is much more than buying an asset. It is the next place where people create memories, share life’s moments, achieve their dreams, and find a safe haven. After all, every home is a story”.  Alexa Garfunkel will be an outstanding and accomplished advisor, and an exceptionally devoted partner in your real estate search.